Islamic Veg


Zinnira – Co-Founder

Islam is not defined by halal and haram. Some of what was halal for the ummahs of earlier prophets is haram for us. The Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ mission is the actualisation of the noblest ethical standards. And the noble thing to do in today’s world is to be vegan.

Zinnira is an aspiring academic activist who is committed to maximising the real-world impact of her academic work.

Zinnira holds a master’s degree in Islamic Studies, with a concentration in Islamic Thought and Applied Ethics from Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar. Her thesis “Islamic Perspectives on Veganism” examines the most pertinent questions regarding Islam and veganism, within discourses of theology, fiqh, and ethics, as well as hierarchical discussions on speciesism, feminism, and slavery. Shocked by the lack of resources for Muslim vegans when she went vegan in 2017, she dedicates her time to filling this gap so that other Muslims can have a smooth journey towards veganism.

In her free time, Zinnira can often be found whipping up decadent vegan desserts for her friends in hopes of convincing them to go vegan. She has an insatiable appetite for Urdu poetry and french fries.