Islamic Veg

Zehra Abbas

Zehra Abbas – Creative Content Director

In my attempt to embody Islamic principles of compassion, I have found myself unable to turn away from the horrific realities of animal agriculture and its impact on our fellow humans, our animal friends, and the environment at large. Our religion is replete with stories that teach us that one act of compassion towards an animal by an impious Muslim can destine one to heaven whilst a singular act of cruelty to an animal by a pious Muslim can destine them to hell. This to me seems like a significant area to improve upon as a community

Zehra has had a keen interest in exploring how to make the world a kinder place since her time volunteering for organizations like War Against Rape and The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture in her youth. Zehra is the Executive Director of, a US-based organization supporting initiatives worldwide that foster holistic empathy for humans, animals, and the environment.

Zehra is also the founder and volunteer President of Youth Troopers for Global Awareness and its social enterprise, Studio.89, a non-profit community hub and fair trade, vegan cafe providing a free space for events, workshops, and resources with a specific focus on social justice activism and youth leadership development. Studio.89 also aims to benefit humans, animals, and the environment. 

Zehra has extensive experience in operating and developing non-profit initiatives, building organizational capacity, and establishing social enterprises.

While traveling, Zehra enjoys narrow cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, cuddling street animals, and volunteering with various charity organizations to advance her knowledge about community care from a holistic lens.