Islamic Veg

Veganism is Un-Islamic and Haram

“If I had a riyal for every time someone has said “Being vegan is HARAM!” to me, I would be able to single-handedly fund the vegan restaurant of my dreams. 

This is by far the most common myth that pervades surface-level discussions on veganism and Islam. Yet, it is also the easiest to refute.  Even scholars who do not understand the reasoning behind current-day veganism concede that the practice of veganism is permissible in Islam. Perhaps most surprisingly, even the Salafi scholars at Islam Q&A accept that practising veganism does not make one less of a Muslim.”

In this detailed essay, Dr Mohamed Ghilan explains all the reasons why Muslims in our time should be vegan.

In this short video, Dr Khaled Abou El Fadl discusses some of the problems with the modern meat industry, our moral and personal responsibility as Muslims, and explains why he eats a plant-based diet.