Islamic Veg

Ellie Atayee-Bennett

Ellie Atayee-Bennett – Co-Founder

Vegans and veganism are widely misunderstood within the Muslim community and consequently they are mostly dismissed. It’s imperative that we discuss the topic however, in order to challenge the continued violation of Islamic laws within animal agriculture and overcome the many incorrect assumptions and accusations towards veganism which unfortunately exist.

Photograph of Ellie Atayee-Bennett

Ellie Atayee-Bennett is a PhD Researcher in Sociology at the University of Southampton, UK. She is interested in the everyday experiences of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim vegans in the UK.

Ellie first studied a BSc in Sociology and Anthropology, followed by an MSc in Social Research Methods (Sociology), where her dissertation explored the perceptions towards veganism within the Muslim community of Great Britain. Now she is exploring all three Abrahamic faiths in her PhD, focusing specifically on the everyday vegan experience and what this is like for religious vegans. Ellie has observed that although the academic literature on veganism is beginning to discuss religion more and more, it is still very much in its infancy, so she is keen to broaden the discussion and raise awareness of such topics amongst religious communities, for whom veganism remains a poorly discussed and widely misunderstood term.

Outside of her research, Ellie enjoys writing children’s fiction, learning languages, and spending time with family.