Islamic Veg


Islamic Veg was co-founded in 2021 by a team of young and enthusiastic vegan Muslim academics from across the world: Ellie Atayee-Bennett from the UK, Duke McLeod from New Zealand, and Zinnira from Qatar. Our organisation is inspired by the thousands of Muslims who are choosing veganism as a lifestyle in order to reject and denounce the cruel and unnecessary exploitation of animals in the modern animal agriculture industry, which violates Islamic teaching.

Our Team

Duke McLeod




Zehra Abbas

Creative Content Director

Our Mission

Islamic Veg strives to inform Muslims about the evils of the modern animal agriculture industry, its incompatibility with Islamic teachings, and therefore promote veganism as the recommended alternative which aligns with the ethical spirit of Islam.

Our Vision

Islamic Veg dreams of a world free of animal abuse in which Muslims of all walks of life show justice and compassion towards all of Creation, thus fulfilling our obligations towards our Creator. We dream of a world in which Islamic scholars are leading their fellow Muslims towards the most ethical lifestyle possible, inspiring them to put Islamic teachings about justice and mercy into action in their daily lives , by choosing a vegan lifestyle where possible.