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Duke McLeod

Duke McLeod – Co-Founder

As a Muslim I seek closeness to God by embodying the Divine attributes, most importantly Justice, Compassion, and Humility. Veganism allows me to live my life in accordance with these spiritual values. Essentially, ethical veganism for me is an expression of love and respect for Creator and Creation alike.

Duke McLeod is a PhD researcher in Social Anthropology at the University of Otago in Aotearoa/New Zealand. His research interest is the intersection of religiosity and lifestyles.

After studying Middle Eastern Archaeology at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Duke switched to Social Anthropology for his postgraduate studies. In his dissertation “A path of Justice and Compassion – About vegan Muslims and Islamic Veganism” he started to explore the intersection of Islam and veganism, with a focus on online advocacy. This laid the groundwork for his current PhD project, in which Duke investigates the roles of different aspects of Muslims’ religiosity (beliefs, practices, affiliation, etc.) and social environments (families, support, social pressure) in their decisions to adopt and practice a vegan lifestyle. His research is motivated by the aim to create knowledge about vegan Muslims and information that can be utilized in vegan advocacy work in Muslim contexts.

Outside of his research, Duke is engaged as co-organizer of the Dunedin/Ōtepoti Vegan Society, and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Compassion Consortium ( To balance out his busy life, Duke enjoys playing Futsal, practicing Kung Fu, making music, and hanging out with his family.